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Kimnemong is a Korean artist who captures various meditations in sweet colors.
My artwork provides joy and sweetness to the mind and soul.
I hope all the moments of our life — the happy, anxious, joyful, and even the painful ones— will be remembered as meaningful moments.
May you always be happy and sweet!

Filled with love

My cup overflows with their love.
It is much more beautiful and abundant than even when it is perfect alone.
That lovely wholeness.

kimnemong_Filled with love.png


Q1. 본인이 생각하는 한국 NFT만의 특징은 무엇인가요?

A. -

Q2. 태국에 대한 인상적인 기억이나 경험이 있다면 알려주세요

A. 태국 NFT 아티스트친구와 특별한 교류를 했던 경험이 있습니다!
스페이스에서 우연히 소통하게 된 후 지속적으로 서로의 작품을 응원하고 지지해주며 친분을 쌓아갔는데
언어의 장벽이 있음에도 불구하고 따뜻함이 전해져서 그게 굉장히 특별한 기억으로 남아있어요.

Q3. 태국 아티스트 친구가 생기면 하고 싶은 것? or 태국에서 하고 싶은 활동?

A. 태국에서의 콜라보 전시?!

Q4. 태국 아티스트들과의 지속적인 교류에 대한 좋은 아이디어가 있다면 말씀해주세요

A. -

Q5. 끝으로, 하고 싶은 말이 있으시다면요?

A.  작가님 늘 수고하십니다! 좋은기회 마련해주셔서 너무 감사해요!!!


Q1. What's the characteristic of NFT in Thailand? 

A. -

Q2. Do you have any impressive memories or experiences about Korea?

A. I had a special experience with a Thai NFT artist friend!
After we happened to communicate in space, we continued to support and support each other's works
Despite the language barrier, the warmth was conveyed, so it remains a very special memory.

Q3. What do you want to do when you have a Korean artist friend?

        Or what do you want to do in Korea?

A. Collaboration exhibition in Thailand?

Q4. Please tell me if you have any good ideas for continuous communication with Korean artists.

A. -

Q5. Anything you want to say?

A. You always work hard, writer! Thank you so much for giving me a good opportunity!!!

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