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I am a metafighter who creates NFT works with the theme of entertainment to give pleasure to many people. I am working on trying to create various digital works in the metaverse space. The main works include Meta Fighter, Meta Monster, and Meta Toy, and we plan to expand the worldview by expanding several collections in the future.

Meta Monster #0016

Monsters exist as enemies in the world of Metafighter. Sometime prettily, sometime horribly, they fight against meta fighters.

This monster's name is Crazy Eyes. He's a very special monster. It is a highly intelligent enemy character that lives on planet e-721. He is called Crazy Eyes, and when he gets angry, he becomes violent. He is always carrying a laser gun with which he mercilessly destroys everything in his path, often attacking the good Bug City residents living on planet e-1155, and is wanted in the Beware of Villain.



Q1. 본인이 생각하는 한국 NFT만의 특징은 무엇인가요?

A. 강한개성있는작품들이 많다.

Q2. 태국에 대한 인상적인 기억이나 경험이 있다면 알려주세요

A. 태국의 전통문화의 매력이 대단했다.

Q3. 태국 아티스트 친구가 생기면 하고 싶은 것? or 태국에서 하고 싶은 활동?

A. 태국과 한국여행

Q4. 태국 아티스트들과의 지속적인 교류에 대한 좋은 아이디어가 있다면 말씀해주세요

A. 잦은 교류회

Q5. 끝으로, 하고 싶은 말이 있으시다면요?

A.  멋진전시 준비해주신 레이레이작가님 감사드립니다.


Q1. What's the characteristic of NFT in Thailand? 

A. There are many works with strong individuality.

Q2. Do you have any impressive memories or experiences about Korea?

A. The charm of traditional Thai culture was great.

Q3. What do you want to do when you have a Korean artist friend?

        Or what do you want to do in Korea?

A. Traveling to Thailand and Korea

Q4. Please tell me if you have any good ideas for continuous communication with Korean artists.

A. Frequent Exchange Meetings

Q5. Anything you want to say?

A. Thank you for preparing a great exhibition.

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