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I draw the world of imagination and fantasy


I draw the world of imagination and fantasy

Another beginning on Mars

One day in the far future. The earth ended in a terrible war and slaughter. Only two men and women, Adam and Hawa, survived, and they found Mars, suspended there, enjoyed freedom and kept a peaceful life, and one day an unknown creature resembling Satan appeared in front of their eyes. The monster emitted all kinds of negative energy that humans can feel, including fear, anger, and jealousy. Then, he said, holding out an apple that was dazzlingly bright. " Try this apple. Then you will be able to live forever."
Will Adam and Hawa be tempted by this apology?



Q1. What are the strengths of NFT artists compared to other artists?

A. It is easy to communicate with the public, has no restrictions on space and time, and has endless forms of digital art.

Q2. What advice do you want to give to foreign artists who want to enter the NFT market in Japan?

A. If you've made up your mind, put it into practice right now. The more you see, learn, and encounter, the more advantageous it is.

Q3. Please let me know what communities you participate in and how they help you!

A. I belong to a community called Rhythmical and Discord. You can get news about nft and various information. The big advantage is that you can communicate with the public smoothly based on your experience and experience.



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