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Eri is a New Media artist with over a decade of experience in
live performance visuals.
She has produced award-winning projection mapping art that has been shown in light art festival’s internationally and her NFT art has been exhibited in Art Dubai, SuperChief Gallert and ARTECHOUSE DC.

Eri Harigai


Artificial Roots


Artificial Roots is part of a collection called "Diary of a Girl Searching for Home"
As someone who grew up with a mixed background, the idea of a physical location as "Home" didn't resonate with me. This series is on discovering where home and identity is with the help of AI.
Artwork is creating by collaging and mixng AI and motion



A. Being able to send our artworks all over the world without worrying about costs and logistics.
As a purely digital motion artist, finally having other alternative ways to create income besides service-based client work. I think this is really important for the longevity of an artist's career.

Q2. What advice do you want to give to foreign artists who want to enter the NFT market in Japan?

A. Just like anywhere else, I think that doing your best to be involved in the existing Japanese community is the best way to be seen and remembered. Going to IRL events or talking in spaces might be a great start!

Q3. Please let me know what communities you participate in and how they help you!

A. I'm most active in NFT Asia. It's the first community I joined in the NFT space and as a former moderator, I made so many friend's there I consider it my NFT home!
It's a great place for artist's to chat and the team has really helped us get our art seen in the space. If you need a place to connect with artist's please join the discord!

Q1. What are the strengths of NFT artists compared to other artists?

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