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Illustrator, picture book author
I am selling NFT and goods of my original character PRESSco, which is a combination of a turtle and a car, and hope you will be interested in NFT and the future of Web3.



PRESSco collection


My character PRESSco.It is a fusion of a turtle and a car.Look closely! In that car, a little world travels with him around the world and the universe!They are cute, yet they are about the size of little stars.Their stories, of course, are tremendous, as are the number of PURESSco's little worlds that are with them.



A. Artists are not restricted by where they exhibit. Buyers do not have to move and can choose when they want to buy.

Q2. What advice do you want to give to foreign artists who want to enter the NFT market in Japan?

A. Feel free to participate in events such as the Japan-Korea joint exhibition at Metaverse!

Q3. Please let me know what communities you participate in and how they help you!

A. I belong to a community that works to make rural Japan more active in NFT. It is a very good approach in depopulated areas.

Q1. What are the strengths of NFT artists compared to other artists?

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