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I'm Ayamehoon a freelance artist who work full time in my NFT's collection. I work as an artist since 2017 I hope you like my style.



Spirit Town by Ayamehoon


1/1 PFP adorable art draw on Procreate. I gather all adorable Japanese Yokai in one place, They will bewitched you to fall in love, Be aware!



Q1. What's the characteristic of NFT in Thailand?

I believe it will be the determine of creating anime character art style as we are inspired by those anime since we were little.

Q2. Do you have any impressive memories or experiences about Korea?

For sure I'm a big fan of Korean series and K-pop

Q3. What do you want to do when you have a Korean artist friend? Or what do you want to do in Korea?

I would love to do an art piece of collaboration between us

Q4. Please tell me if you have any good ideas for continuous communication with Korean artists

it would be nice to have a discord for all communicate since there's a bot to translate language

Q5. Anything you want to say?

Thank you so much for creating the festival and for this opportunity

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