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We're from Bimyou Studio in the NFT Bimyou Cafe project. I would like to invite you all to join us for tea and immerse yourself in our stories.
"Open your mind and step into our café. Hopefully, the tea from us will help alleviate that sadness. You've come to see us. It's destiny. Let's experience our wonderful story."

Bimyou Studio


Bimyou Cafe


Bimyou Cafe is a story about a mysterious cafe that appears when you are sad in NFT Art format. So I would like to invite everyone to be our guest and play a lot of roles in Bimyou Cafe's community.
ps. We have entered Phase 2.



Q1. What are the strengths of NFT artists compared to other artists?

In my own view, if the comparison between other artists and artists is not much different. But the NFT I've come across has allowed me to find more artists with the same perspective. Create a community to exchange ideas with each other. Offering ideas gives us more freedom to design and sell.

Q2. What advice do you want to give to foreign artists who want to enter the NFT market in Japan?

We welcome everyone to enter the Thai NFT market. All the artists are very skilled and creative. Each project community has only kind people ready to talk and give advice, and it's more than just a work of art.

Q3. Please let me know what communities you participate in and how they help you!


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