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CAMPZZZ is a designer who work with vector graphic since 2012. His purpose is using vector graphic apps to make the artwork with the aesthetic of art. He believes the vector art genre can show as a NFT art as other digital paintings.



Bangkok People's Ideal Life


Bangkok used to be the number one city in the world to visit. Cake and Praewa grew up in this attractive capital city. Currently, Bangkok is far from being Thai that Thai people are very familiar with. Because the Thainess of Bangkok is not a national costume. but food and lifestyle that can only be seen in Bangkok.



Q1. What are the strengths of NFT artists compared to other artists?

NFT artists can send their artworks to any NFT exhibitions around the world and the metaverses. NFT can raise the value of digital artworks more than past.

Q2. What advice do you want to give to foreign artists who want to enter the NFT market in Japan?

Know about yourself first. Your art style can fit your personality. Practice and learn from your owned experience can be the best version of yourself and your works. Thai collectors always welcome with all NFT creators around the world.

Q3. Please let me know what communities you participate in and how they help you!


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