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I am Manytle, Thai NFT Artist. My cat "Tungmeng" served as my creative inspiration. My NFT icon is Tungmeng; I hope you will keep Tungmeng in mind.



CAT teeny CAT


Tungmeng cats are collected in the CAT Teeny CAT Collection. A little cat is referred to as a teeny CAT in English. It means "Here Cat" in Thai. Whatever it might mean, it is still a cat.



Q1. What's the characteristic of NFT in Thailand?

I think each Thai artist's NFT is unique. and the preferences of each including indicating the culture of Thailand.

Q2. Do you have any impressive memories or experiences about Korea?

I've been to Korea once but only in Seoul. I was impressed by the food. Urban art in buildings, shops and cafes, dressing of people. Including artists and series, these make me want to go back to Korea many times.

Q3. What do you want to do when you have a Korean artist friend? Or what do you want to do in Korea?

I would like to collaborate with them in my art collaboration and if possible I would like to meet them if I go to Korea.

Q4. Please tell me if you have any good ideas for continuous communication with Korean artists

There may be people on Twitter to shill NFT together. Will be able to help artists regardless of Thailand. or other countries to exchange works together I think maybe it will help us get to know each other better.

Q5. Anything you want to say?

Thank you for supporting the works of Thai artists. and organize a great exhibition like this It also gives us an opportunity to expand our work even further. Thank you so much.

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