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My name is Namwoon. I’m an architect and designer who love to find possibly unbound. Welcome everyone to my infinity traveling and be enjoy with Choco’s world.





‪Besides our world, still have the Choco moon, the planet of dogs. Every weekend, Choco and her friends often go out together. It's a funny moment to drive thier cars on the road for showing! Look that! It looks like themselves.



Q1. What's the characteristic of NFT in Thailand?

In my opinion, NFT in Thailand is colorful and a lot of detail of art.

Q2. Do you have any impressive memories or experiences about Korea?

I love Korea because this country attaches great importance to art. I see Korea has a lot of museums and Art in public space or everywhere. That’s nice to be inspirations for people to explore their creativity and create new things.

Q3. What do you want to do when you have a Korean artist friend? Or what do you want to do in Korea?

I want to exchange our experience about art and everything that we interested.

Q4. Please tell me if you have any good ideas for continuous communication with Korean artists

I’m looking to you guys! I love Korean art style, keep going and do it more!

Q5. Anything you want to say?

It’s honor, I have a chance to be here. Everything that I created, it’s only the beginning and I still be learning everyday. Thank you this space for encouraging and making me inspiration. I believe if I keep on it, my art will be better.

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